For over 50 years, the Janoura family became involved in the retail trade and specialised in the sale of textiles, paper patterns and other sewing notions. The family traded under the name “NS Sabga and Sons” until the “Janouras” name was created in the 1970’s. “Janouras Corner” became a landmark at their Queen and Henry Street location in downtown Port of Spain.


The family’s experience in textiles eventually led to garment manufacturing and they discovered the then untapped market of uniform production. With brothers Joe and George at the helm, the business soon grew too large for its Queen and Henry Street location and a factory was established at Sackville Street, Port of Spain. Now a 50,000 sqft facility.


Realising the specialised need of the Caribbean clientele, Janouras Custom Design Limited started integrating mass production procedures with the intricate detailing of individual measurements. Thus the art of mass customisation was born allowing “Janouras” to fully demonstrate its custom design capability.