From Design to DeliveryAn introduction to career wear

Creating a professional image for your staff is a detailed step-by-step process aimed at ultimately providing you with an end product that exceeds your expectations.

The process begins with selecting a suitable style in addition to fabric and colours. Our sales and design team will guide you through the selection process to help you meet your desired goals. Once you have made your selection, we can provide you with a quotation and work with you to find cost-saving solutions if needed. We will also provide you with samples of the garments selected so you can determine if all specifications have been met.  An order confirmation will be provided when the samples and prices have been approved.

Upon confirmation of your order, you will be issued an invoice for a 50% down payment. Various payment and shipping methods will be discussed with you to determine your overall contract cost. We will send a representative with a garment shell range to individually fit each member of your staff. Various alterations will be conducted at this stage to ensure the best possible fit for each employee. An alternative fitting method can be done where the garment shells are sent to your organization and the employees conduct their fittings themselves this method allows for minimal alterations and is more economical.

When the fittings have been completed, all employee orders are recorded in our Customer Order Management System. The process then continues with cutting and bundling. Once bundled and labelled, the garments are fed onto our sewing floor where our experienced operators work in teams to quickly complete and dispatch the garments for pressing. After pressing, a final inspection is carried out to ensure that all quality standards have been met. The garments are then sorted into individual packages and boxed for shipping.